Charter class gift presented at Elon Law Dean’s Reception

On the eve of their graduation, members of the charter class presented their gift to the Elon University School of Law, a contribution toward a scholarship for future law students and an original commissioned painting by Greensboro artist William Mangum, depicting iconic elements of the law school facility and historic experiences of the Elon Law community.

From left to right, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Melvin, founding Dean Emeritus Leary Davis, and charter class member Andrea Dancy Harrell

At the reception, George R. Johnson, Jr., Dean of the Elon University School of Law, congratulated the charter class for all they had achieved in helping to shape the character of the law school, saying, “All of you are leaders. You have led in the forging of this law school and you will lead your local communities, your states, and your nation in solving our economic and social problems. In the process, you will build a stronger nation for all of us.”

Leo M. Lambert, President of Elon University, thanked all of those who had supported the charter class and the law school over the past three years, noting in particular the invaluable leadership of former Greensboro Mayor and president of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, Jim Melvin, as well as the support and guidance of David Gergen, the former advisor to four United States presidents who serves as Chair of Elon University’s Law School Advisory Board.

Leslie Price presents the class gift to Elon University President Leo M. Lambert
Presenting the class gift, Leslie Price, the gift committee chair, said, “The charter class is pleased to present our gift to the Elon University School of Law, a painting that reflects the experiences, accomplishments, and values of the Elon Law community, as well as a contribution to a scholarship for future Elon Law students. We hope these contributions will help to establish a legacy of leadership among future classes at the school of law.”

Price thanked artist William Mangum, not only for his extraordinary painting, but also for meeting with the charter class so often to gather their perspective on the key themes and images that best reflect the spirit of the law school.

Charter class member Jason McKenna, center, and his family with, at right, Dean George Johnson and wife, Linda Morris
Damon Duncan, the 2008-2009 president of the Student Bar Association (SBA), and James Chadwick Hinton, the 2007-2008 president of the SBA, unveiled the painting, which includes depictions of Supreme Court Justice (ret.) Sandra Day O’Connor dedicating the law school in 2006, the building’s façade, the skyline of downtown Greensboro, the spiral staircase at the entrance of the facility, the law school’s Robert E. Long Courtroom, the commons area on the second floor of the school, and the scales of justice.

Dean Johnson accepted the painting, saying, “Your gift is a wonderful representation of the life and vibrancy of the Elon Law community. We receive this with great gratitude and we will hang it with pride.”

Charter class member Nichelle Harrison with her father, Mr. Harrison, and David Gergen
In addition to thanking the charter class again for all they had contributed to the law school, Johnson concluded his remarks for the evening with special recognition of those who had helped the charter class to succeed at the law school, saying, “Your success is in large part the result of the support of this great circle of family and friends around you, your spouses and significant others, your children, your parents and siblings, your host of other relatives and friends who encouraged you in your doubting moments, who prayed for you when you were unaware of it, who paid for this experience, this education, often at incredible sacrifice to their own dreams and comfort. We thank them for supporting you, for supporting us, and we know you will repay their generosity with your gratitude and your good works.”