Senior Cinema Major’s Documentary Selected for New Hampshire Film Festival

Senior cinema major Max Cantor had his documentary "Cinema 93" selected for screening at the 2009 New Hampshire Film Festival Oct. 15-18 in Portsmouth, N.H.

“Cinema 93” (TRAILER) is about independent movie theater and video store owner Barry Steelman. For the past decade his dream has been to create a new theater in Concord, N.H. With construction underway, his dream looked to be coming true, but a breach with the board of directors caused Steelman to leave the project. Now, with the opening approaching, he’s left to think hard about his legacy.

Cantor began filming his documentary, which was produced by elondocs, in May of 2007 and wrapped in October of the same year. The post-production process took about five months, he said.

“Concord, New Hampshire is a small community, and word travels fast,” Cantor said. “I’d seen Barry in his video store and knew he was a great storyteller, so I thought he would make a great subject for a documentary. I was also encouraged that the story seemed to have a real narrative arc, with a logical resolution being the theater opening.”

The NHFF debuted in 2001 and selects entries from around the nation and world. The festival brings together students and professionals, and Cantor will be asked to be present for a question-and-answer session following his film.

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