Faculty, Staff and Students to change passwords TODAY, Sept. 9.

All faculty, staff and students will be required to change their passwords Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Tomorrow, September 9th, all Elon University faculty, staff and students will have to change their password to a new one prior to using email, Blackboard or Elon’s electronic services. Remember to choose a secure password using at least eight (8) characters of which at least two (2) must be numbers, one (1) must be a capital letter, and one (1) must be a lowercase letter.

As part of Elon University’s ongoing efforts to improve network security, all passwords will expire at 7:00 AM Wednesday forcing all campus users to change their login password. This password is used to log into university owned desktop/laptop computers as well as log into email, Blackboard and other electronic services.

Faculty and staff will make the change when they log into their computer on campus. Students will make the change by logging into a computer in a computer lab or by going to Elon’s new password maintenance site. The domains are FS for faculty and staff; AS for all students.

The password change does not apply to OnTrack or Datatel. The passwords to Datatel and OnTrack are separate from the Email password.

Elon University’s New Password Maintenance Site: www.elon.edu/password

Another effort to improve network security is the new password maintenance website. This is the official location for you to reset your Elon password. Everyone will need to enroll and provide three security questions and answers. Once enrolled, if the password is ever forgotten, users can use the “Reset Password” link to answer questions and change the password. Use the “Update Enrollment” link at any time to change security questions and/or answers.

Any questions, please contact the Elon University Technology Help Desk at 336-278-5200.