Faculty and students conclude Carnegie project with book, presentation

The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning's three-year Institutional Leadership Program concluded this month with the publication of a book authored in part by Elon University faculty and students, as well as an international colloquium in Bloomington, Indiana.

Engaging Student Voices in the Study of Teaching and Learning

The publication of Engaging Student Voices in the Study of Teaching and Learning marked the culmination of Elon’s participation in CASTL. The book, edited by Carmen Werder and Megan Otis, and with a foreword by Pat Hutchings and Mary Taylor Huber of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, contains four chapters co-authored by Elon students and faculty:

• Chapter 1: “Foundations of Student-Faculty Partnerships in SoTL: Theoretical and Developmental Considerations” by Christopher Manor (Elon, ‘11), Kelly Flannery (Elon, ’09), Stephen Bloch-Schulman (Philosophy), and Peter Felten (CATL);

• Chapter 4: “Challenges and Caveats” by Deborah Long (Education) and others;

• Chapter 5: “Equalizing Voices: Student-Faculty Partnership in Course Design” by Ayesha Delpish (Mathematics), Alexa Darby (Psychology), Ashley Holmes (English), Mary Knight-McKenna (Education), Richard Mihans (Education), Catherine King (Psychology/CATL), and Peter Felten (CATL);

• Chapter 8: “Been There, Done That, Still Doing It: Involving Students in Redesigning a Service-Learning Course” by Jessie L. Moore (English), Lindsey Altvater (Elon, ’10), Jillian Mattera (Elon, ’10), and Emily Regan (Elon, ’10).

The October 21 CASTL Colloquium in Bloomington featured a plenary panel drawing from the book. Christopher Manor, Jessie Moore, Stephen Bloch-Schulman, and Peter Felten all participated in the panel discussion.

Elon’s participation in this 2006-2009 CASTL program builds on the university’s history of integrating students into the study of teaching and learning. Elon participated in the first Carnegie Conversations on this topic in the late 1990s, led by John Sullivan and Deborah Long. Those conversations produced Project Interweave, a six-year Scholarship of Teaching and Learning initiative at Elon that contributed to the founding of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.