College Chapel: Phil Smith on Feb. 4

College Chapel
Thursdays 9:50-10:20 am
Whitley Auditorium

February 4
Defining Moments

  • Speaker: Phil Smith, Associate University Chaplain & Director of Religious Life
  • Music by: Selections from “Broadway Cares”
    Jill Vanderoef ’11 and Sarah McAvoy ’11, vocalists 
    John Yi ’11 and Tayler Mettra ’11, vocalists
    Patrick Bachmann ’10, pianist

Chapel Theme 2009-10:
Defining Moments
This semester we continue hearing from speakers about how events in their lives have helped to define who they now are. We are challenged to consider how past events – personal & public, positive & negative – have shaped and molded our present realities.

Make plans to take a break for a few minutes each Thursday in Whitley Auditorium for presentations by faculty, staff, guest speakers and students, complimented by live music offered by talented student & faculty musicians. Refreshments will be served following Chapel. All are welcome!

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