Faculty/staff campaign surpasses 2008-09 totals

Through the first seven months of the fiscal year, faculty and staff have made $247,000 in gifts and pledges to the 2009-10 Faculty/Staff Campaign, surpassing the 2008-09 fiscal year total by more than $13,000. As of late January, about 350 faculty and staff have participated in this year’s annual giving campaign. All gifts and pledges to the Faculty/Staff Campaign count as contributions to the $100 million Ever Elon Campaign to build the university’s endowment, increase annual and planned gifts, and preserve and build the campus.

Later this month, you will receive a letter from Faculty/Staff Campaign co-chairs Greg Zaiser and Nancy Harris outlining ways you can participate in the 2009-10 Faculty/Staff Campaign. From late February through spring break, Zaiser and Harris, along with the Office of University Advancement, will hold weekly prize drawings for faculty and staff who make gifts to Elon during this period.

If you’ve already made your gift to the 2009-10 Faculty/Staff Campaign, thank you! If you haven’t, it’s not too late to make a difference at Elon this year. Contact Maggie Byerly at mbyerly@elon.edu or x7459 for more information.

To keep track of the progress of the Ever Elon Campaign or to make a gift, click the link to the right.

Recent gifts of $10,000 or more

Elon Academy: $1,000,000
Douglas Noiles
Edna Truitt Noiles ’44

Elon Fund: $25,000
Robert Clohan ’67 P’02 P’98 GP’10

Rachel Cruise ’08 Scholarship for International Study: $25,000
Lawrence Cruise P’08
Sarah Cruise P’08

Pavlov Endowed Scholarship: $25,000
Igor Pavlov ’94
Mia Pavlov

Elon Fund, Phoenix Club $25,000
Bradley Reifler P’12
Ash Reifler P’12

School of Law Annual Scholarship Fund: $25,000
Alan Woodlief
Wendy Woodlief

Alumni Field House: $20,256
William Inman P’00
Patricia Inman P’00

Elon Fund: $20,000
Conrad Wetterau P’10
Marguerite Wetterau P’10

Elon Fund, Phoenix Club: $20,000
Dr. Fred Young
Phyllis Young
Alan Young
Kelly Young
David Tabor
Jane Tabor

Yeager Recital Hall: $16,800
Dr. Thomas E. Powell, III P’90
Betty Powell P’90

Men’s Basketball, Baseball: $15,000
J.D. Henderson
Cindy Henderson

Elon Fund: $15,000
Donald Scott P’10
Ellen Scott P’10

N.C. Independent College Fund Scholarships: $15,000
Golden LEAF Foundation
Independent College Fund of North Carolina

Unrestricted endowment: $15,000
John Barry P’12
Anne Barry P’12

Love School of Business: $10,000
Dr. Joseph Mattioli GP’99 GP’02
Dr. Rose Mattioli GP’99 GP’02

Women’s Tennis: $10,000
Curwood Sessoms P’12
Carol Sessoms ’77 P’12

Elon Fund, Music Department: $10,000
Gary Stevenson P’13
Marie Stevenson P’13

Elon Fund, School of Law Annual Scholarship Fund: $10,000
Peter Murphy P’11 P’10
Lynn Murphy P’11 P’10

Elon Fund, Phoenix Club, School of Law Annual Scholarship Fund: $10,000
Thomas Chandler
Lynn Chandler

Elon Fund: $10,000
Richard Anderson P’11
Katherine Anderson P’11

Performing Arts Equipment: $10,000
Dr. William Wilkinson P’88 P’85
Frankie Wilkinson P’88 P’85

Jeanette Hyde Scholarship: $10,000
The Honorable Jeanette Hyde
Wallace Hyde

Sam White Theatre Endowment in honor of Professor Melvin Wooten: $10,000
Sam White ’61
Terry White

Elon Fund: $10,000
Christopher Martin ’78 P’13
Nicolette Martin P’13

H. H. Cunningham Award in History: $10,000
Dr. Joseph Cote ’65

Elon Academy: $10,000
Sally Williams

Gift in support of the Burl Ray Clements Football Scholarship
Howard Arner ’63
Beverly Frye Arner ’66

Planned gift in support of the Joy Baker Davis Law School Scholarship
F. Leary Davis
Joy Davis

Latham Baseball Park Enhancements
Kevin Dugan P’07 P’06
Margaret Dugan P’07 P’06

Planned gift in support of the Lorraine Fogleman Grant Music Scholarship
M. William Grant

Gift in support of the Donathan-McAllister Endowed Scholarship
Gilbert Grosvenor P’04
Wiley Grosvenor P’04

Charitable gift annuity
Rachel Youngblood Holt ’64

Planned gift in support of the Phoenix Club and scholarships
Hunt Ward ’82 P’11
Julia Ward P’11

The Honorable Aldona Z. Wos, M.D., and Louis DeJoy Scholarship for International Study
The Honorable Aldona Z. Wos, M.D.
Louis DeJoy


University Advancement contributed to this report.