POWERless Energy Competition 2010 – Week 4 results

Oaks A and the Isabella Cannon Pavilion in the Academic Village led the way in the fourth week of Elon's POWERless Energy Competition. In the competition's Division I, Oaks A saw a 40.4 percent reduction in energy use in week four, while the Cannon Pavilion led Division II with a 44.6 percent reduction.

Thirty-four of the 41 buildings competing in this year’s POWERless competition showed a reduction in energy use in the fourth week of the contest. Visit the Building Dashboard site to monitor your building’s usage by clicking the first link to the right.

Building energy reduction to date (free T-shirt category)

Division I
Oaks A – 23.4%
Oaks C – 20.4%
Virginia and West – 16.7%

Division II
Cannon Pavilion, Academic Village – 25%
Kenan Pavilion, Academic Village – 23.6%
Danieley O – 20.5%

Area energy reduction to date (trophy award category)

Division I
Oaks – 16.9%
West Area – Trollinger – 11.9%
East Area – 2.6%

Division II
East Area, Kenan and Cannon pavilions – 24.4%
Loy Center – 16.2%
Danieley Center – 14.3%

Tip of the Week: Use a desk or clip-on lamp instead of overhead lights.

If you have involvement stories to share, please email Elaine Durr, Elon’s sustainability coordinator, at edurr@elon.edu. For more information, visit the POWERless Web site by clicking the second link to the right.

Information submitted by Devon Brown ’10.