Andy Haile scholarship on state tax policy published by North Carolina Law Review

An article by Elon Law professor Andy Haile, titled, "A Time for Action: Reforming the North Carolina Tax Code," has been published by the North Carolina Law Review. The article explores weaknesses in North Carolina's current tax code and suggests alternatives to modernize the state's existing tax structure.

Andy Haile

In the article, Haile situates North Carolina’s budgetary challenges within the context of the economic recession that has impacted states across the country, noting that the North Carolina General Assembly already cut services and increased taxes last year, but still had to rely on federal recovery funds to balance the budget.

Haile suggests, however, that the recession alone does not account for the budgetary challenges facing the state.

“While the depth of the recession may have made last year’s budget shortfall to some extent unavoidable, the state’s outdated and volatile tax system exacerbated its magnitude,” Haile writes.

Haile’s article, the first in the North Carolina Law Review’s new Addendum series, details the benefits of broadening the sales tax base to include more services and closing existing corporate income tax loopholes in the state.

Click here to read Haile’s complete article through the North Carolina Law Review website.

Haile recently presented a comparative analysis of state tax policies regarding sin taxes in testimony before the Vermont Blue Ribbon Tax Structure Commission. He has analyzed the tax policies of numerous other states as well, through recent published writings and news commentary. Click here for more information about Elon Law professor Andy Haile.