ADVISORY: Elon professors available for media reporting on death of Osama bin Laden

Several Elon University professors can speak with media today and this week about the death of Osama bin Laden.

SEAN GIOVANELLO (Assistant professor of political science): With expertise in international relations, international security and American foreign policy, Sean can speak generally about the War on Terror. or (336) 278-5901.

JASON KIRK (Assistant professor of political science): Jason is an expert on south Asian politics and American foreign relations. He can talk about how the American raid on Bin Laden’s compound could be the “final straw” in already strained U.S.-Pakistani relations with fundamental implications for future military action in southwest Asia. Note: Jason will only be on campus Wednesday for camera interviews but can speak all week via phone or email. or (336) 278-6633.

LAURA ROSELLE (Professor of political science): Laura can discuss how government leaders frame success and failure, especially as it relates to international relations, and can talk about the use of social media to spread news of the event. Note: Laura is not available Monday, May 2, but can talk with reporters later in the week. or (336) 278-6433.

RUDY ZARZAR (Professor of political science): Rudy has taught several courses on terrorism and the Middle East. He can speak about the future of the War on Terror and how Bin Laden’s death may impact the region. or (336) 278-6426.

BOB ANDERSON (Associate professor of political science): With extensive experience teaching students on international relations and American foreign policy, Bob is available for general comments on the War on Terror. or (336) 278-6435.

HUNTER BACOT (Associate professor of political science): As the director of the Elon University Poll, Hunter can speak about the possible political impact of Osama bin Laden’s death on President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings. Note: Hunter will not be available for interviews Monday afternoon. or (336) 278-6418.

MICHAEL PREGILL (Assistant professor of religious studies): Michael, one of Elon’s top emerging scholars, can share information on how other events in the Muslim world have largely removed Bin Laden from a position of influence over citizens there, and that his death is an opportunity for educators to show the “bigger picture” other than the War on Terror. or (336) 278-5742.

DEREK LACKAFF: (Assistant professor of communications): An expert on social media, Derek can address how the world learned of Bin Laden’s death, the use of social networking sites and he can describe what may have been the first report by a Pakistani citizen indicating a significant military operation was underway. or (336) 278-6492.

ISMAIL LAGARDIEN (Assistant professor of political science): At his previous university, Ismail pioneered a course on Islam and the Muslim world in international relations. He came to academia following an extended period as a journalist, and as a national and international public servant. Ismail teaches courses on international relations. or (336) 278-6483