Lynne Kurdziel-Formato choreographs Dollywood’s ‘Christmas in The Smokies

Associate Professor Lynne Kurdziel-Formato was selected to choreograph Dollywood's perennial "Christmas in the Smokies" production, a winner of multiple International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions awards.

2011 marked Kurdziel-Formato’s ninth season with the show. Since arriving at Elon, she has spent fall break each year rehearsing the show.

The longest-running production during the Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival, the 45-minute production in Showplace Theater is original to the festival and has been entertaining crowds with holiday tunes for 20 years.

“It wouldn’t be Christmas at Dollywood without Christmas in the Smokies,” said Dollywood’s Director of Entertainment Paul Couch. “There are people who don’t feel like their Christmas has begun until they see Christmas in the Smokies.”

The production centers around a cabin where family and friends gather to hear holiday tales and traditions. Introduced in 2008 was a special effect with snow falling on the audience at the front of the theater. But they don’t walk out shaking snow from their hair; the chemical snow dissipates before it reaches the ground.

This year, Kurdziel-Formato also staged a special rendition of the opening of the show which will be performed at the IAAPA convention in Orlando, Fla., on Nov. 14.