Tim Moore ’78 shares tricks to the sales trade with Elon students

Renowned entrepreneur and consultant Tim Moore '78, owner of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group in Raleigh, N.C., returned to his alma mater Nov. 16 to help Elon business students understand strategies for connecting with and communicating to consumers of different generations.

“These are bright kids,” Moore said. “I get challenged when I come here, and I feel so much hope for the future. (Elon is graduating) people with a much better understanding of what it takes to succeed in the sales field than I had.”

For the past several years, Moore has appeared as an invited lecturer in Assistant Professor Michael Rodriguez’s sales and marketing classes approximately once a semester. Though he graduated from Elon in 1978 with a history degree, Moore has made his mark in the professional speaking and consulting industry, sharing his sales and marketing expertise with companies big and small from coast to coast.

“I come in and offer a look through a small window to the world outside the Elon ‘bubble’ we all love so much,” Moore said. “The business world is moving fast, and these students need to be prepared.”

Moore spent the following hour speaking to Rodriguez’s senior-level Professional Selling seminar about different strategies for reaching different generations, such as baby boomers and the millennials, using different communications platforms, especially social media. Working with Elon students is something Moore truly enjoys, he said, and added that he hopes other alumni feel the same calling to help current Elon students succeed.

“For as long as Elon has been here, whether you were here in 1889 or just began as a freshman this fall, it doesn’t matter, there’s a long maroon and gold thread that connects us all. It’s as strong a thread as there is,” Moore said. “This is a unique and special place.”