Faculty/Staff Campaign: Join the tradition of giving

The 2011-12 Faculty/Staff Campaign is off to a strong start, with 48 percent of employees contributing more than $300,000 to the university so far this academic year. Leaders of the annual fund drive want to build on the success of the 2010-11 campaign, when a record 60 percent of faculty and staff contributed $313,000 to Elon. This year’s goal is 65 percent.

Rhonda Belton, director of application technologies, has returned to help lead the campaign along with new co-chair Paul Miller, professor of exercise science.


“I believe in what we have going on here at Elon,” Miller says. “I have witnessed over the years the impact of faculty and staff giving. We help to support civic engagement, international experiences, internships, undergraduate research, student scholarships, and faculty and staff development programs.”

This year’s campaign marks the return of 50 volunteer captains from departments across campus who will help spread the word about the importance of the campaign. Many faculty and staff have already made their gifts to support scholarships, the Elon Experiences programs, athletics, law school and other priorities.

“Elon gives me a way to support my family,” says Delmas Slade, a custodian in environmental services. “What I give back is only a fraction of what Elon gives to me, but I know that every little bit helps.”

Timothy Valentine, assistant women’s basketball coach, was more than happy to make his gift to support “a beautiful university.”


“The student body at large is one big family, and within the family sometimes there are needs that need to be met,” he says. “If I am able to help one person along the way, hopefully that will encourage that person to one day give back as well. The great thing is my donation is helping where I work, which only doubles the value in the long run.”

Patti Ragan, associate professor in Elon’s new physician assistant studies program, agrees.

“I am extremely appreciative of the support provided to the Department of Physician Assistant Studies to develop a first-rate educational program,” Ragan says. “I want to be part of the tradition among faculty and staff to support the qualities and initiatives that make Elon such a special place for students, faculty and staff.”


More faculty and staff are choosing to make their gifts through payroll deduction, and most choose to designate their gifts to specific programs or departments.

The Faculty/Staff Campaign began June 1 and runs until May 31, 2012. Click here to make a gift and visit the Faculty/Staff Campaign website, which includes a list of departmental captains and the electronic payroll deduction form. All gifts made by Dec. 31 will count toward the Ever Elon Campaign, which concludes at the end of this year.
Thank you for supporting Elon University!



By Jaleh Hagigh
University Advancement staff

 Recent Gifts and Pledges of $10,000 or More

To view the latest list of donors, please click this link and use your full email address (name@elon.edu) and password to access the PDF file.