“Navigating Leadership without a GPS” workshop provides guidance for success

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and the Office of Leadership and Professional Development hosted a leadership workshop titled “Navigating Leadership without a GPS” on January 5, 2012.

Deborah Friedman, manager of the education sector at the Center for Creative Leadership, presented the workshop, which focused on developing self-awareness of leadership strengths and weaknesses, increasing awareness of continued professional growth opportunities and identifying benefits of individual leadership development for successful careers.

Attendees were encouraged to evaluate their skills and take advantage of opportunities to improve them. Friedman noted significant leadership development occurs through practical experiences. The more varied the practical experiences, the broader the skill set.

Friedman also advised individuals to highlight their strengths, develop goals and a plan to achieve them, and to perform periodic self-evaluations.

About the presenter
Dr. Deborah Friedman received her Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University, Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Toledo and Doctorate of Education degree from North Carolina State University. She is also a graduate of various leadership programs such as the Future Presidents’ Institute, North Carolina Community College Leadership Program, Executive Management Leadership Institute, and Leadership Fayetteville where she was awarded the Leadership Challenge Award.

By Rachel Vierling ‘12