2nd annual Swim-a-thon: Sigma Kappa and Alpha Chi Omega

Starting last year with a small idea and hope to shed light on Alzheimer's Disease, the event has grown to be co-sponsored by Sigma Kappa and Alpha Chi Omega. All proceeds will benefit the Alzheimers Association and the Family Abuse Services in Alamance County.

Get Involved!

Swim – Aqua Walk – Tread Water – Food – Donate
•Participate by finding someone to sponsor you while swimming, aqua walking or treading water.

Ex. Alye sponsors Jessica for $1 per lap she swims/walks or minute she treads. Jessica swims 10 laps. They raised $10!

•For those of you who don’t want to swim join us for lunch at our picnic and for prizes! Prices are $3 for individuals. Or go as an organization!

Organization rates are:
•5-24 people – $50
•25-49 people – $100
•50-74 people – $150
•75-99 people – $200
•100-149 people – $250
•150 + people – $300
•This includes hoagies, chips, baked goods and a drink!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alye Villani (philanthropyaxoelon@gmail.com) or Jessica Clinch (jclinch@elon.edu).

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