Anderson presents Internet research at Institute for the Future event

Janna Anderson, associate professor in the School of Communications, was a keynote speaker at the “Human Internet: Technologies Creating a More Human Web” spring research symposium.

The event was hosted by the Institute for the Future in San Jose, Calif., May 16 and 17.

Other leading speakers at the event included: David Pescovitz, co-editor of, correspondent for Wired magazine and editor-at-large for MAKE; Mike Liebhold, distinguished fellow at IFTF, previously a leader at Intel Labs, Netscape, Times-Mirror Publishing and Apple Computer; Michael Roberts, co-founder and first director of Internet2, first executive director of the Internet Society and first president and CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; and Mitch Kapor, a co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, founder of Lotus Development Corp., founding chair of the Mozilla Foundation and board member of the Level Playing Field Institute.

Participants briefed at the conference included industry leaders from Scripps Networks Interactive, ISN Virtual Worlds, Quaternix Research, BBVA, Swisscom, Humana, Shareable, Siemens, General Motors, Nissan, Intel, Autodesk, MobileWorks, Disney ABC, Tekes and NATO.

The event was part of the Technology Horizons Program of IFTF, an independent, non-profit strategic research group with more than 40 years of forecasting experience. IFTF is based in Palo Alto, Calif. For more details, see