Dr. Batchelor presents at the Lily Conference

Dr. Nim Batchelor, chair of the philosophy department, presented a paper to the Lily Conference in Bethesda, MD.

Dr. Batchelor presented a paper entitled “Structured Pre-Class and Post-Class Engaged Learning” to the Lily Conference which was held in Bethesda, Md. May 31st through June 3rd.  This paper shared a pedagogical technique which involved having students answer a series of directed essay questions prior to class.  As they entered class, they would immediately get into groups where they would share and compare their answers.  The questions that emerge would become the focal point for our class discussion.  Significantly, however, the list of questions included the following final question: “What additional information, insight or perspective did you acquire from our work in class?”  Students were required to write at least a paragraph in response to that question after each class.  This requirement had two effects: (1) it allowed me to do away with an attendance policy for this class, and (2) the reinforcement enhanced the learning that occurred.