Check out where the Elon in Los Angeles students of 2012 are interning

Thirty-six Elon in Los Angeles students are interning throughout the city and outlaying areas at various organizations. Here's a look at where they’re working this summer:


Conor Ambrose ’14 (strategic communications)—
Grace Baldridge ’14 (media arts & entertainment)—Comediva and Fremantle Media
Chris Bosak ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Fremantle Media
Emily Britt ’13 (strategic communications)—A Fine Line Clothing and BeachMint
Quintin Brenner ’14 (media arts & entertainment)—Fremantle Media NA/Bogner Entertainment
Dean Coots ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—More Media
Molly Dougherty ’13 (acting)—Liz Lewis Casting Partners and Edgemar Center for the Arts
Sarah Farland ’14 (strategic communications)—JS2 Communications
Kyle Graham ’14 (strategic communications)—The Premiere Talent Group
Daniel Griffin ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Trailer Park
Luke Gunn ’13 (acting)—The House of Reps
Alex Hadden ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Scout Productions
Chelsea Holinko ’13 (strategic communications and business)—Fifteen Minutes PR
Kara Johnson ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Film Independent (LA Film Festival)
Sam Kahle ’14 (media arts & entertainment)—Mavrick Artists Agency
Emma Kandel-Krieger ’14 (media arts & entertainment)—Davidson + Choy Publicity
Gabby Leibowitz ’14 (media arts & entertainment)—What’s Trending
Sean Liang ’14 (theatre arts acting)—Mavrick Artists Agency and Antrim Street Entertainment
Megan Machonis ’15 (acting)—The Osbrink Agency
Kaitria McGill ’13 (strategic communications)—Caliber Media Co.
Emily Merlin ’14 (acting)—Mavrick Artists Agency
Dylan Moon ’13 (acting)—Discovery Channel
Amanda Parker ’14 (strategic communications)—Ellen Rakieten Entertainment
David Pope ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Urban Icon
Dan Quackenbush ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Film Independent (LA Film Festival)
Jennifer Roberts ’13 (acting)—Downtown Film Festival of Los Angeles
Will Simon ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—NFL Network
Ben Soldate ’13 (music technology)—ES Audio Services and Jungle Room Studios
Emily Swapp ’14 (arts administration)—LA Style House
Michael Tahan ’14 (media arts & entertainment and business)—Caviar Content
Tina Tozzi ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—What’s Trending
David Tregde ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—Fremantle Media
Hannah Tripp ’13 (media arts & entertainment and psychology)—Fremantle Media/Bogner Entertainment
Carly Tustin ’13 (sociology)—Fanmanager
Nicholas Ware ’13 (communications and accounting)—Caliber Media Co.
Robert Watts ’13 (music technology)—ES Audio Services

Below is a Google map of their internship locations:


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