Summer Tech-ation

July 9 - August 17 Online (Registration closed)

Whether you’re at the beach or on campus, take advantage of this special opportunity to deepen your technology skills. You can participate in this online course designed to offer a highly interactive introduction to emerging tools and their potential impact on teaching and learning. Customize your learning by participating in modules of interest to you.

The entire course will be available beginning July 9 through August 17. The Moodle module will be the first to launch with additional modules to follow each week. The course is self-paced and each module you complete earns you points toward technology related prizes. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your spot.

Read below to learn about each module:

Making the most of Moodle
This module provides a fast-paced introduction to the essentials of making the most of Moodle. Faculty from the Sciences, English, Communications, Sociology, and Education share how they facilitate their courses using Moodle, so that you may apply these tools and strategies into your Fall courses.
Some of the featured topics include creative approaches to assignments, taming the gradebook, and quiz building.

Extending the classroom and building community
This module introduces various methods and strategies to encourage interaction and engagement beyond the classroom. Faculty describe how they use forums, blogs, wikis, and live or recorded sessions to collaborate and to facilitate critical thinking and analysis.

Slaying the text monster by visually enhancing your course
In this course you will learn how to create and edit your own images or how to locate ones you can legally use. Faculty will demonstrate and share
their use of graphics, video, photographs or other items to kick their courses up a notch. You will learn simple tips to make your documents more

Engaging your students through polling
This module explores the use of clickers to poll students to stimulate sharing and discussion. Presentations are included that describe how to develop instruction to engage students when using various feedback devices.