Todd Coleman’s flute concerto released on Tantara Records

Tantara Records is releasing a new album of music for flute and orchestra that includes a 20-minute flute concerto composed by associate professor Todd Coleman, coordinator of the Elon University Music Technology Program.

The concerto was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment in 2006 and premiered in 2007 by soloist April Clayton.

The work is divided into three movements: I. Rondo/Scherzo, II. Recitando and III. Finale. In addition to the standard instruments of the orchestra, Coleman’s Flute Concerto contains a prerecorded electronic element woven into the second movement.

Coleman’s music has been praised for its craftsmanship, beauty, and imagination.

“Masterly orchestral craftsmanship… a feel for odd, refreshing sonorities, and expressive speech… More power to composers like [this].” – John van Rhein – Chicago Tribune

“His music-making is naturally expressive and has an elegance that is compelling.” – Augusta Read Thomas

“[Coleman’s music is] new and fresh without being unapproachable or tradition-bound… I found it to be touching and wondrous.” – Glen Nelson

“The melodic invention, the craftsmanship of the presentation and above all the sheer luminosity of the textures I find very attractive.” – David Tutt

“Coleman writes a music that is as intense as it is magical, as powerful as sensible.” – Paulo Tramannoni