Matthew C. Weidenfeld honored for article in Contemporary Political Theory

Matthew C. Weidenfeld, an assistant professor of political science, has been jointly awarded the Contemporary Political Theory Annual Prize for an article published in 2011 by Contemporary Political Theory.

“Comportment, not cognition: Contributions to a phenomenology of judgment” was judged by a panel chaired by Professor Dario Castiglione, of the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, and supported by Professor Kennan Ferguson, of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Professor Fumio Iida, of Kobe University in Japan.

The judges’ citation was as follows:

This article offers an original and persuasive phenomenological perspective from which to understand the politics of judgment, partly displacing, but also complementing, more traditional conceptions of what we do when we exercise (political) judgment. Weidenfeld’s argument undermines over-intellectualist approaches to political science, and points to new areas of study of political experience and the way in which we arrive at good (political) judgment.

Weidenfeld shares the recent award with Andrew J. Douglas, assistant professor at Morehouse College, for his article “In a milieu of scarcity: Sartre and the limits of political imagination.”