Lucinda Austin’s research featured by PR foundation

Communications assistant professor Lucinda Austin's research has been featured by the Institute of Public Relations’ "Social Science of Social Media Research Center."

Lucinda Austin

Based on her recent publication in the journal Public Relations Review, titled “How publics respond to crisis communication strategies: The interplay of information form and source,” Austin’s work was summarized and featured for the Institute of Public Relations’ new research collection highlighting the science behind social media.

Austin authored the article, along with Brooke Fisher Liu from the University of Maryland and Yan Jin from Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Institute of Public Relations’ article summarizes Austin’s study, which involved an experiment of 162 college students, evaluating an emerging crisis communication model: the social-mediated crisis communication model. Specifically, the study explored two of the effects of the model: the effects of crisis information and form on individuals’ acceptance of crisis messages and their resulting crisis emotions.

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