Harlen Makemson presents research on Elon alumna Marjorie Hunter ’42

The journalistic career of Elon alumna Marjorie Hunter '42 was the focus of research presented by Harlen Makemson, associate professor of communications, at a conference at New York University March 9.

Harlen Makemson

Makemson’s paper, “Setting the Stage for the ‘Institutional Vice Presidency’: Coverage of Gerald Ford by Marjorie Hunter of The New York Times,” examined how Hunter’s articles depicted Ford in the months leading up to his becoming president after the resignation of Richard Nixon. Using framing theory, Makemson found that Hunter’s coverage of Ford fell into three primary categories: asserting independence from Nixon, amending negative narratives that were arising in the press and emphasizing Ford’s vigor and vitality. 

Hunter was hired by The New York Times in 1961 to cover Jackie Kennedy and later focused on covering Congress. She died in 2001.

Makemson presented the paper at the Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference at NYU.