Joel Hollingsworth and Dave Powell present at IBM Innovate2013 – The IBM Technical Summit

Each year, IBM has a techical summit to discuss their vision of  software development and the use of key software and practices for businesses to become more competive and profitable. Joel Hollingsworth and Dave Powell in the Department of Computing Sciences gave an hour presentation on the use of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise in Elon Computer Science courses to teach Enterprise Programming to Computer Science majors.

At the IBM four-day Innovate2013 annual conference  from June 2-6 in Orlando, Fla., 6,000 developers from major industries throughout the world gathered to hear IBM’s vice presidents and chief technical officers vision for the future and the key developments in mobile computing, cloud computing, data analytics, social networks and agile programming. The CTO presentations were followed by over 450 one hour presentations by developers and experts in these areas.

Hollingsworth and Powell presented one of these 450 one hour sessions. Their talk, “Seeding the Cloud With Students From Every Computer Science Undergraduate Program,” provided details on the use of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise as a Platform as a Service (PAAS) at Elon during the 2012-2013 academic year to support cloud computing in CSC330 Computer Science III and CSC442 Mobile Computing.