Huber participates in international colloquium on ancient Macedonia

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Lynn R. Huber participated in the Colloquium on Material Culture and Ancient Religion's travel seminar on "Navigating the Boundaries of Roman Macedonia."

The seminar, which included particpants from the U.S., South Africa and Austrailia, took place in northern Greece over 10 days. Colloquium participants visited relevant archeological sites and museums with site specialists and local scholars, participated in plenary sessions on the use of material culture for teaching and research in the fields of ancient mediterranean religion and New Testament studies, and presented working papers on research related to the seminar’s topic.

LHuber presented on “Thinking through Monsters and the Monstrous in Roman Macedonia and 2 Thessalonians,” applying theoretical perspectives on the monstrous to categorize and understand monster imagery in Roman Macedonia and, subsequently, to re-read the description of an “Antichrist” figure in 2 Thessalonians in the New Testament.