Important changes for campus parking

The Moseley Center lot - which will close the night of Friday, Oct. 11 -  will be reconfigured over Fall Break as work begins on the Inman Admissions Welcome Center. Changes will impact students, faculty, staff and visitors who bring their vehicles to Elon University.

A new parking lot on the site of Elon's former softball field opened Oct. 7 to students, faculty and staff with appropriate parking permits. The lot will primarily serve those students who live in the university's Historic Neighborhood.
Parking for hundreds of students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus will change following Fall Break as Elon University opens a new campus parking lot and reconfigures existing spaces to make room for construction of the Inman Admissions Welcome Center.

With the exception of illegal parking in designated wheelchair-accessible spaces, campus police and security personnel will be offering a grace period from ticketing in lots affected by changes.

“We’re trying to make this as convenient as possible for everyone and ask for patience as we go through all of these changes,” said Dennis Franks, chief of Elon University Campus Safety and Police.

Changes to the Moseley Center lot have a cascade effect to other parking locations.


The Moseley Center parking lot will be limited to faculty, staff and campus visitors, notably for admissions guests. A limited number of 20-minute parking spots will be provided for students making pick-ups or deliveries to Moseley, with any valid 2013-2014 parking permit.

The lot will close the night of Friday, Oct. 11, and cars that remain in the lot at 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, may be towed at the owners’ expense.  The Moseley lot is scheduled re-open Tuesday, Oct. 15. 


Parking spaces in the McMichael Center parking lot will be reserved only for faculty and staff (including those with permits for the Francis Center), graduate students with appropriate parking permits, and undergraduates who live in the Loy Center with a valid 2013-2014 LG permit.


Students with commuter parking passes will park in the East Gym lot accessible on East Haggard Avenue or East College Avenue. The lot also is open to faculty and staff.

NEW LOT on EAST COLLEGE AVENUE (site of the former softball field)

Students living in the Historic Neighborhood will move to this parking lot from their previous spaces in the East Gym lot. Only students with a valid HN permit are allowed to park in this lot. It is also accessible to faculty and staff. The lot opened on Monday, Oct. 7.

Commuter students may also park in the lot behind Harper Hall (Colonnades E) and the Danieley Center, with a valid 2013-2014 CS parking permit.

Campus parking changes are due to the forthcoming 32,000-square-foot Inman Admissions Welcome Center that will consolidate all campus visit, admissions and financial planning staff from three buildings on campus into one central location.

Named for William J. “Bill” and Patricia “Pat” Inman P’00, building features include a two-story lobby and atrium, conference and interview rooms, two presentation theaters, staff offices and an outdoor terrace. The additional space will accommodate Elon’s growing applicant pool, which has more than tripled since 1992-93 to reach roughly 10,200 first-year student applications in 2012-13.

It will also provide a welcoming space for more than 11,500 visitors who complete a campus tour each year.