Italian Festival Screening of Nichetti's 'Ratataplan'

Ratataplan, or the sound that a drum makes during a drumroll, is considered to be one of Italian comedian Maurizio Nichetti's finest films. 

As the kick-off event for Elon’s Italian Festival, “Ratataplan” will be shown on Monday night, Oct. 21 at 5:30 p.m. in Belk Pavillion 208. The 1979 low-budget comedy is widely considered to be one of Nichetti’s best. It won both critical praise and commercial succes after its release. Much of the film lacks difficult dialoge and focuses mainly on Nichetti’s incomparable physical comedy. The film will be shown with subtitles so all audience members can enjoy it, with or without knowledge of the Italian language. Please contact Professor Marina Melita with any questions: