Come help create a visiting artist's exhibition on Nov. 4

Artist Leslie Mutchler will be visiting Elon's campus Monday. Her work is dependent on audience participation.

How would you like to participate in creating our next visiting artist’s exhibition? Art major or not, everyone is welcome to come help artist Leslie Mutchler create “cultural artifacts, a non functional art object, using guidelines and basic tools.” It’s a great way to get yourself involved in the art community!

Her exhibition, Trendfactory: Elon, “is a community driven, multi-participatory installation that explores issues related to hand (craft), the physicality of labor, and the repetition of memes in the virtual world through hand-manufactured objects. It utilizes the gallery as a workspace and its existence is dependent on audience participation.”

On Monday, Nov. 4, Mutchler will be at Arts West Gallery at 12:30 for one on one time with audience members and to answer questions. At 5:30 p.m., Mutchler will be giving a short artist talk. The rest of the evening until 7 p.m. will be left for participants to help create the exhibition!

For more information on Mutchler and her work, check out:

Hope to see you all Monday at Arts West!

Kelsey Howard & Noelle Casimo – Senior Art Majors