Religious Studies Faculty Present Research in Baltimore

Elon Religious Studies faculty attended and participated in the 2013 Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, and International Qur'anic Studies Association held Nov 22-26 in Baltimore, MD.

More than 10,000 participants attended the joint meetings which encompassed over 1000 academic sessions, meetings, and workshops. Papers presented by Elon faculty included:

  • Dr. Amy Allocco, “Shifting Landscapes of Authority and Authenticity: Snake Blemish Rituals in Three Spaces;”
  • Dr. Geoffrey Claussen, “Moral Accounting in the Face of War: A Jewish Perspective on Humility and Policymaking;”
  • Dr. Lynn Huber, “Embracing Texts with LGBTQ Hermeneutics: Practice and Pedagogy” and “Full of Unclean Things: Reading Revelation with John Waters;”
  • Dr. Rebecca Todd Peters, panelist on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession Committee and Status of Women in the Profession;
  • Dr. Michael Pregill, “Modern Critics of Isra’iliyyat and the Problem of Isma’;”
  • Dr. Pamela Winfield, “Zen Matters: Materiality and Mind in 13th Century Zen Transmission Certificates” and “Image, Text, and Vision in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.”

Elon faculty also served as presiders for numerous other panels and consultations, as well as leading business meetings and discussions for the groups they chair.  In addition, as chair of the AAR International Connections Committee Dr. Allocco presdided over a discussion on the organization’s relationship to the International Association for the History of Religions and Dr. Peters led a discussion for the AAR Academic Relations Committee on trends in Higher Education, including the use of graduate students as contingent faculty and the increase in online learning.