GEC Announces Partnership with SIT Study Abroad

SIT Study Abroad programs offer interdisciplinary field-based programs in a wide variety of regions and topic areas.

Elon's new partnership with SIT will offer new regional and topical study abroad opportunities to Elon students.

The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with SIT Study ABroad. Elon students will be able to enroll in eight new global study options beginning in the fall 2014 semester.

SIT Study Abroad programs examine global issues in specific geographical and cultural contexts with interdisciplinary approaches. In addition to field-based and experiential coursework, students enrolled in SIT programs will complete an Independent Study Project that fulfills the Elon Experience requirement for undergraduate research. On any SIT program students will spend approximately two-thirds of the program participating in structured experiential learning opportunities and designing a research project.  During the last third of the program, students will independently conduct their research and present it to the program at the end of the semester.  SIT will offer excellent experiences for independent, driven students.

The Global Education Center will offer students the opportunity to participate in eight different SIT semester programs in Vietnam, Brazil, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo, the Netherlands, and Peru.

In Vietnam, students will examine economic and social development in the context of Vietnamese culture through examining the history of social and cultural attributes of Vietnam and charting Vietnam’s transition to a market-oriented economy.

The SIT program in Brazil offers coursework in public health and human rights as well as opportunities to visit rural health centers.

The programs in Rwanda and Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo both focus on peacebuilding and human rights.  Students in Rwanda will study post-genocide restoration and peacebuilding from leading Rwandan academics as well as civil society leaders and community activists. Students on the program in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo will gain firsthand knowledge of peacebuilding, post-conflict transformation and initiatives for human rights.

The SIT program in the Netherlands focuses on international perspectives on sexuality and gender. Students will examine the historical and cultural norms and political structures that shape attitudes towards sexuality and gender from both Dutch and international perspectives.

In Peru, students will study indigenous peoples and globalization from faculty at local universities as well as indigenous leaders, artists and human rights leaders.

There are two different programs offered in Morocco,  One program offers students the opportunity to study journalism and new media.  The other program focuses on issues of multiculturalism and human rights.

The GEC is now accepting applications for these and all other fall and summer programs.  The application period ends on February 21st.