Alex Yap publishes research on financial analytics with international journal

  Alexander Yap, associate professor of information systems with the Department of Management, published a research paper titled “Web Portals for Financial Analytics: How effective are they from the end-users’ perspective."

The International Journal of Web Portals is in the final process of releasing it for print in early 2014. The journal focuses on research papers that discusses cutting-edge innovations with web portal technology and is an established  publication of international academic publisher  

Paper Abstract: “As more investors and traders globally manage their own stock portfolio without the help of human brokers, there is an increasing need to acquire and use financial knowledge and financial data analytics to ensure that a self-maintained financial portfolio is soundly managed. There are a growing number of special web portals that provide financial analytics services for investors and traders who demand detailed analyses of stocks and other financial derivatives. The objective of this paper is to examine how end-users value the overall usefulness of various web portals that provide financial analytics services and capabilities. This research endeavors to identify different unique features of financial analytics web portals, and ask users which of these features prove to be highly useful for their needs.”