Promotions and position changes announced in Business, Finance and Technology

Gerald Whittington, vice president for business, finance and technology, has announced several promotions effective on June 1.


As we conclude the academic year and look forward to next year, I am pleased to share details with you about several promotions and position changes in the Business, Finance and Technology division. The following changes will be effective June 1:

Chris Fulkerson has been promoted to Assistant Vice President for Administrative Services where he will use his leadership and entrepreneurial skills to develop the new department of Administrative Services.  Vickie Somers, Director of Auxiliary Services, and Janet Rauhe, Manager of Phoenix Card Services, will now report to Mr. Fulkerson. 

Susan Kirkland has been promoted from Assistant Vice President for Finance to Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance. Ron Klepcyk, Director of Human Resources and Jay Harper, University Bursar, will now report to Ms. Kirkland.

Robert Buchholz has been promoted from Assistant Vice President to Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Director of Physical Plant. Tom Flood has been promoted from Assistant Director to Associate Director of Physical Plant and Director of Landscaping and Grounds. Elaine Durr, the Director of Sustainability, will now report to Mr. Buchholz.

Brad Moore has been promoted to the position of University Architect along with his position as Director of Planning Design and Construction. Holly Hodge has been promoted from Interior Designer to Director of Interior Design, and Tari Maynor has been promoted from Project Manager to Assistant Director of Planning, Design and Construction Management.

Christopher Waters has been promoted to Assistant Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer from Deputy Chief Information Officer.

Please join me in congratulating all of these outstanding Elon staff members for their new roles and responsibilities in service to the university.

Gerald Whittington
Senior Vice President for Business, Finance and Technology