School of Communications faculty members present research at ICA

Professors Vanessa Bravo, Julie Lellis, Barbara Miller and Qian Xu all participated in the conference.

Elon University School of Communications associate professors Julie Lellis and Barbara Miller and assistant professors Vanessa Bravo and Qian Xu presented research at the International Communication Association’s annual converence May 22-26 in Seattle.

The conference attracted more than 2,500 communication scholars from around the world.

Bravo presented her research “Meaning of New Technologies for the Transnational Communication Experiences of Latina Migrants in the U.S. East Coast.” It investigated how Latino women in North Carolina and New York use communication technologies to interact with family and friends in their countries of origin. Thirty-two immigrants  participated in this project

Lellis presented her individual research “Public Versus Corporate Discourses on Environmental Issues.” She and Miller also shared research they co-authored “Audience Response to Values-Based Environmental Marketplace Advocacy.”

Additionally, Miller discussed work she co-authored with a colleague from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill titled “U.S. Public Response to Corporate Environmental Messages.”

Xu served as the respondent for four papers at the session “Consumer Behavior and Social Media” and presented two papers: “Persuasiveness of Viral Advertising on SNS: Exploring the Effects of Tie Strength and Message Publicity” and “Effects of Agent, Message Vividness, and Need for Cognition on Viral Advertising: Persuasion Knowledge as the Underlying Mechanism.”