National Conference Showcases LGBTQIA Inclusion at Elon

Elon earns a national platform to showcase growing efforts around LGBTQIA inclusion and intersectionality across race, faith, socioeconomic status, disability, U.S. geographic region, and national origin.

At the recent 2014 National Conference on Race & Ethnicity, Elon University showcased the progress made and opportunities still available for colleges and universities to advance the conversation on LGBTQIA inclusion as it impacts students with multiple marginalized identities.

Led by Matthew Antonio Bosch (Director of the Gender & LGBTQIA Center) and Brooke Barnett (Associate Provost for Inclusive Community), their session entitled “Living In The Intersection:  An LGBTQIA Toolkit for University Campuses” featured a variety of adaptable modules that advance campus climate, based on advancements made at Elon for LGBTQIA Inclusion. 

General modules included the evolution of language terms and everyday scenarios, strategic planning for senior leadership, challenge & conflict across competing diverse groups, and distinct modules exploring inclusive leadership for faculty and staff, and also for student leaders.

With every chair filled in the 40-person room, the interactive session was quite popular.  Evaluations were positive and hopeful, including comments such as, “This is the best NCORE session I have ever attended.” 

Attendees also praised Elon University for being open to change, listening to feedback from students and constituents, committing inclusion directly to strategic plans, and seeing LGBTQIA inclusion through to completion.

The National Conference On Race & Ethnicity (NCORE) is an annual conference focused on racial equity and allyship.  In recent years, NCORE has grown its ability to offer program sessions that explore the multiplicity of identities that many people face as LGBTQIA people of color, people of faith, people impacted by poverty, and people with disabilities.