Religious Studies faculty present research

Faculty from the Religious Studies Department will be participating in the Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion, International Association for Qur’anic Studies and the Society of Biblical Literature Nov. 21-25 in San Diego, Calif.

In addition to performing a variety of professional responsibilities, faculty will be presenting on the following:

  • Amy L. Allocco: presenting a paper titled “Festival as Lens: Considering Caste and Conversion in Tamil Christianity,” as part of a panel considering The Saint and the Banyan Tree, the winner of the 2014 Society for Hindu-Christian Studies Book Award
  • Sarah Bloesch: presenting a paper titled “Loss of God and Loss of Self: Deification, Desire, and Melancholy” in a section on Theology and Religious Reflection
  • Geoffrey Claussen: presenting a paper titled “Immigration, Phinehas, and the Midianites” in group focused on Scriptural/Contextual Ethics Group
  • CJ Dickson: presenting a paper titled “A Succession of Moods” in a group on Religion and Humanism
  • Matthew Hotham- presenting a paper titled “Soul Birds, Man Mules, and Dead Dogs: Animal Religion, Beastly Hybridity, and the Boundaries of the Human in Nizami Ganjavi’s Makhzan al-Asrar” in a group focused on Animals and Religion
  • Lynn R. Huber: presenting a paper titled “John’s Apocalypse and Queer Contextual Interpretation” in an SBL section on Contextual Biblical Interpretation
  • Shenandoah Nieuwsma: presenting a paper titled “Certain of the Uncertain: The Emerging Church’s Quest for Authenticity and Meaning through Aesthetic Experience in the Technological Age” in a section on Critical Research on Religion
  • Brian Pennington: presenting a paper titled “Climate Change, Natural Disaster, and Anti-theodicy in the Indian Himalayas” in a group on International Development and Religion
  • Toddie Peters: co-leading a workshop on Best Practices in an Era of Contingent Labor: A Workshop for Chairs of Religious Studies Programs and Departments
  • Michael Pregill: presenting a paper titled “Another Brick in the Wall: The Intertwining of Biblical and Qur’anic Exegesis in Islamicate Midrash” in a panel sponsored by the International Qur’anic Studies Association
  • Pamela Winfield: presenting a paper titled “The World According to Kegon: Holography, Holochrony, and the Philosophy of Form in the Writings of Kūkai and Dōgen” in the Buddhist Philosophy Group and a paper titled “Ritual Memory Bodies at Eiheiji Monastery, Japan” in the Japanese religion Group. Winfield will also be a discussant on a panel about the 2014 Religion and the Arts Award Winner, Makoto Fujimura

The AAR/ SBL/ IQSA annual meetings bring thousands of professors and students, authors and publishers, religious leaders and interested laypersons together each year, constituting one of the largest events of the year in the fields of religious studies and theology.