Faculty to Speak at 'Antigone' Talks

Elon College faculty will offer insight into the Classical Greek play in series of short pre-performance talks.

Elon faculty will discuss the history, philosophy, and creativity behind Antigone and the Department of Performing Arts’ new production of the play in the “Talk on the Steps” series of public pre-performance lectures, February 4-7 at 7pm at the Roberts Theatre. Each “Talk on the Steps” offers fascinating insight into the play and performance from a distinct point of view. Speakers will include:

February 4: Dr. Stephen Bloch-Schulman from the Department of Philosophy

February 5: Dr. Kristina Meinking from the Department of World Languages and Cultures

February 7: Karl Green, costume designer in the Department of Performing Arts

<p>Caption: Dr. Susanne Shawyer demonstrates Classical Greek acting style at a Talk on the Steps for <em>Antigone</em>, January 24 at Scott Studios. Photo by Tony Spielberg.</p>
Talks take place at 7pm in the Roberts Theatre lobby at Scott Studios. Talks are free and open to the public, and last ten minutes.