Admissions Open House – Feb. 27

Elon Law's Feb. 27 Open House will take place as scheduled, beginning at 2 pm. We welcome all individuals considering law school and their guests to experience Elon Law by attending the Open House. For those unable to attend due to weather conditions, we hope you will visit us for additional Open Houses and Admitted Student Days planned for March and April. 

The Open House is designed to give prospective students the opportunity to meet Elon Law students, faculty, deans and staff; attend a mock law class; tour the facilities; and learn more about our admissions process. 


We look forward to seeing you. We will post information and registration links to future admissions events at the law school in the coming days.  

Elon Law’s groundbreaking model for legal education features highly personalized career development, experiential learning opportunities from day one to graduation and an innovative seven-trimester curriculum that reduces tuition and enables students to complete their course of study in two and half years.

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