Mussa Idris presents at Society for Applied Anthropology conference

His paper was about the methodological challenges and the lessons learned from conducting ethnography among migrants in Washington, D.C.

Assistant Professor Mussa Idris
Assistant Professor Mussa Idris[/caption]Mussa Idris, an assistant professor in the Department Sociology and Anthropology, presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology annual conference in Pittsburgh on March 28, 2015.

His paper was titled “Ethnography of Transnational Entrepreneurs from Ethiopia and Eritrea in the Washington, D.C. area.” The presentation described methodological lessons learned and best practices identified from conducting participant observation in a transnational niche in the U Street Corridor and the Adams-Morgan area in D.C.

His study explored how and why these migrant entrepreneurs establish culture-centered and non-culture centered businesses in that metropolitan area.