Dan Harder presents at national conference

Dan Harder, Elon University’s director of Campus Technology Support, recently presented at a collaborative session with other Universities at EDUCAUSE Connect.   

The joint presentation addressed “Challenges and Lessons Learned Through Campus Collaborations” with Alan Heath from Dartmouth College and Laurie McGowen and Erin McLaughlin from the University of Notre Dame. The session summary had several outcomes:

Consider how academic systems can create web applications to support academic and administrative needs including a standardized process to handle the project life cycle with agile development methodologies to design and implement approved projects. Explore a case study partnership that transformed a print journal of first-year writing to a custom web-based publication that blended a variety of media, afforded pedagogical scaffolding, broadened accessibility, and reduced student textbook costs. Hear about how co-budget and shared license requests benefit the campus-wide system and meet institutional objectives.