Elon Move-In brings words of wisdom

New Elon families received advice this week on university social media channels from other families that have moved their children to campus in years past.

Every academic year has a beginning. For 1,520 first-year students members of the Class of 2019, Move-in Day marks that day—the moment they begin their college careers.

For their families, the day can also be an emotional time. Throughout the week, we asked students, alumni and parents who have gone through the process to offer advice on Elon University’s social media channels. Here is some of what they shared:

From parents, for parents

Cin Barr: Let them lead—it’s their turn now. Let them learn from experience, continue to be there for them. … Finally, stay in touch & listen.

Crystal Lee: Strike a balance between letting go and still parenting. Allow them to transition to adulthood and independence.

David Lincoln: Appreciate the little things! Every moment is a memory!

Lori Haines: Laugh don’t stress at how much “stuff’ can fit in a room and that the towel rack you bought has a missing screw. Smile proudly that you have a rising Phoenix. We said goodbye with a few tears, went on a week’s vacation and stopped back the following week for lunch. She had already made Elon her home.

Shelly Rieger: Know that you’re leaving them in a wonderful place and in capable hands!

Nancy Guy Freeman: Bring all of your collected Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. And be prepared to make many trips!

Martha Kruse Lake: Bring Kleenex! It’s hard to say good bye to someone you love so much!

June K: Don’t expect to hear much from your son or daughter. They will be way too busy for that! (And, remember, this is a good thing. If they are sad, upset or having trouble with their classes, you will hear from them, and you don’t want that!) … So, keep telling yourselves, “No news is good news!”

From students, alumni & parents to new students

David Lincoln: Be nice to your parents! Moving in is stressful for them, too!

Tricia Norris: Keep an open mind. Living in the dorm will give you an amazing opportunity to meet all kinds of people. Leave high school labels in high school. It goes so fast! Enjoy every minute.

Meggan Elizabeth: Now is the beginning of adulthood, not when you graduate. Speak for yourself, defend yourself, make your own decisions. Do not have your parents call the professor or any campus offices for you. You got this

Joy Rangel: Put a small jar filled with candies on your desk and offer to others as they pop by to see your room. You’ll be making new friends.

Lindsay Clement: Bring a power screwdriver and share with your new neighbors … those Wal-Mart dressers take hours to put together, lol!

Donna Sutay-Cooke: Have cold water on hand. It is always hot on Move-in Day.