Dance alumna to debut as Radio City Music Hall Rockette

After performing with the Rockettes for two seasons in Nashville, Lauren Renck '13 is moving to New York City to dance at the world-famous venue.

Lauren Renck '13
Elon dance alumna Lauren Renck ’13 is taking the stage this fall for her third season as a Rockette—this time at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  

Renck spent her first two seasons in the Nashville show, and she graces the world-famous New York City stage for the upcoming season. She said the Rockette audition process is “certainly intense.”

“You’re in a room full of 500 people eager to be in the position,” she said. The process takes about three days and includes a jazz, tap, and high-kick portion.  Cuts are made on the first day followed by a day of callbacks to do everything again. She says that they are looking for attention to detail and choreography, so it is important to show them that you can do that with precision.

Each year the dancers must re-audition to earn a spot back on the line. “Every year you come back a little bit stronger, pay attention to detail, and are more familiar with the vocabulary and technique that they use,” Renck said. “The more practice you have, the better.” 

This proved to be true in Renck’s case as she has successfully auditioned and booked three seasons.

Renck said that her Elon Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and dance performance and choreography training helped her to be successful in her career. Similarities between the two are a demand for responsibility and accountability, rehearsing six hours a day, six days a week and having to retain eight different numbers at one time.

Each dancer is held responsible for the choreography and remembering specific notes. “I am constantly doing my homework so that I come well prepared for each rehearsal,” she said. Her aim is to always get better. 

Renck is living out her childhood dream to be a Rockette.  “As a little girl, I clearly remember watching them [the Rockettes] on the Thanksgiving Day parade,” she said. Renck goes on to describe how she had aspired to be up there one day and how she participated in the Rockette weeklong intensive program while she was at Elon. She immediately knew this was something she wanted to pursue.

“Never give up and keep loving what you do,” she advises aspiring dancers. “That is what is important to make it in this business.” 

For more information on Renck’s upcoming performances with the Rockettes, visit  Shows run from Nov. 13 through Jan. 3.