Chris Fulkerson serves three years on EDUCAUSE's Hawkins Leadership Council

Chris Fulkerson, Elon’s assistant vice president for administrative services, has finished serving for three years on EDUCAUSE’s Hawkins Leadership Council.

EDUCAUSE is an international organization that helps those who lead, manage, and use information technology to shape strategic IT decisions at every level within higher education. The Hawkins Leadership Council is a group of experienced CIO’s and executive leaders that provide guidance for new CIO’s and executive IT leaders. 

Designed as several hours of meetings over three days at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable focuses on high-level questions so participants can discuss important leadership issues and engage in intensive networking with colleagues and experienced IT leaders. Participants meet, share with, and learn from a cohort of peers at similar stages in their careers and a council of experienced CIOs and senior leaders in the community during small group discussions and one-to-one networking opportunities.  

As a member of the Hawkins Leadership Council, Fulkerson helped lead conversations about leadership in IT at the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable as well as mentored three aspiring or new CIOs.