Statistics Duo Publishes Duo of Articles in 2015

Statisticians Laura Taylor and Kirsten Doehler co-author two statistics education publications.

Laura Taylor and Kirsten Doehler published their paper “Reinforcing Sampling Distributions through a Randomization-Based Activity for Introducing ANOVA” in the November, 2015 issue of the Journal of Statistics Education (JSE).  This article discusses the implementation of an experiment to test the effectiveness of a randomization-based activity versus a traditional teaching approach to introduce the topic of ANOVA F-tests in an introductory statistics course.  This is the pair’s second article in JSE; Doehler, Taylor, and collaborator Jessalyn Smith published “A Study of Faculty Views of Statistics and Student Preparation Beyond an Introductory Class” in JSE in 2013.  Taylor and Doehler’s recent JSE publication is the second statistics education paper that the pair has published in 2015.  Doehler and Taylor also published the paper “Incorporating Code-Based Software in an Introductory Statistics Course” in the International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.  This article provides recommendations on how to introduce students in an introductory statistics course to the use of code-based statistical software while minimizing student anxiety. 

2015 JSE Article:

2015 IJMEST Abstract: