Scott Gaylord presents nationally on current issues in Constitutional Law

Elon Law Professor Scott Gaylord presented scholarship and commentary on current Constitutional Law matters at law schools, universities and legal forums in Florida, Indiana and Michigan. 

Scott Gaylord, professor of law, Elon University School of Law

Most recently, on February 23, Gaylord spoke at a special program of the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law titled, “Justice Scalia’s Greatest Hits: A Discussion of Leading Opinions of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Gaylords’ presentation at the McKinney forum, titled Justice Scalia and the Religion Clauses, was summarized as follows: “As in many areas, Justice Scalia had strong views regarding the proper scope and interpretation of the Religion Clauses–and was never shy about expressing those views in his opinions. From his majority opinion in Employment Division v. Smith to his dissent in Lee v. Weisman, Justice Scalia had a profound influence on the Court’s Free Exercise and Establishment Clause jurisprudence.”

In addition, Gaylord delivered seven other talks this month at Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne State, Nova Southeastern, Ave Maria Law School, Ave Maria University and a lawyers group in Lansing, Michigan. Topics included religious nonprofits cases, the government speech doctrine and Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley (which the Supreme Court will hear next fall). 

More information about Scott Gaylord, professor of law at Elon University School of Law, is available here.