Elon professor featured in Fox 8 report on iPod's impact on the music industry

Music Production & Recording Arts faculty member Todd Coleman was interviewed for a news report by Fox 8 WGHP reporter Bob Buckley about the 15th anniversary of the iPod and its impact on local radio stations.

Video still from interview with Bob Buckly
Associate Music Professor Todd Coleman was recently featured in a news report by WGHPFox 8 focused on the impact that the iPod has had on the music industry generally, and local radio stations in particular. 

Coleman, a member of the Music Production & Recording Arts program at Elon, was interviewed by reporter Bob Buckley for the report prompted by the 15th anniversary of the Apple iPod. 

​The iPod and its successor, the iPhone, set off a series of ripples that have profoundly affected many different industries, including radio. The segment also touched on more recent developments related to digital distribution of music via streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music and how radio stations have had to adapt to stay relevant. 

“I thought the real disruption was being able to buy single tracks. I think that had a bigger disruption than just physically carrying your songs with you,” Coleman told Buckley in the report. “It allowed people to listen to just the songs that they wanted, and purchase them.”

The complete report can be viewed on Fox 8’s website here