Lavoie earns Acorn Accolade award

JP Lavoie, recipient of the Acorn Accolade in November is recognized for his commitment to customer care, diligent problem-solving and dedication to the improvement of Elon’s many online applications.

November’s Acorn Accolade winner, JP Lavoie, was honored after a summer of gentrifying OnTrack, the online tool used by every member of the Elon community. His effort included making OnTrack mobile-friendly, and ensuring that its design matched other university websites. Other applications featuring Lavoie’s touch are the Colleague Self-Service Portal, Wellness Walking Challenge site, and more.

Multimedia developer JP Lavoie receives the Acorn Accolade from Elon CIO Christopher Waters.
​Lavoie’s supervisor, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies Claudia Sparks, commented about her coworker, “JP is a very talented team member with multiple skill-sets. Although his title is multimedia developer, it could easily be web designer, developer, solution architect or technician. The more appropriate title for him would be jack-of-all trades.”

Essential to Lavoie’s success is his notable ability to problem-solve on the spot. In the beginning of the semester when OnTrack exhibited glitches and made printing and viewing class rosters problematic, Lavoie and his colleagues were quick to find a solution.

Says Sparks, “One of the most impressive things about him is that I can’t remember a time when I needed him to troubleshoot a problem or come up with some sort of solution and he didn’t come through with something. He’s never met a challenge that he can’t face.”

Lavoie, while considering the award a high honor, grants ample credit to his team.

“I would not be receiving this award without the support of my colleagues and my boss, Claudia Sparks,” he says. “They have pushed and enabled me to do my job to the best of my ability and it is a privilege to work with and for them.”