Experiential learning at the intersection of law and sports

Gabe Mirabelli in the Class of December 2017 is the latest to be featured in a series of profiles on Elon Law students whose summer internships offer them new insights and knowledge into the legal profession.

Gabe Mirabelli wants to be the president or general manager of a Major League Baseball franchise and has a plan to get there.

– Study philosophy and sport management at Guilford College? Check.
– Enroll at Elon Law and take part in the Sports Law Society and Elon Law Review? Check.
– Intern this summer with the Boston Cannons professional lacrosse team to gain legal experience? Check.

Next up: Law school graduation in December.

As he prepares to embark on a career that marries his legal education with his interest in professional sports, Mirabelli will be the first to tell you that a law degree carries incredible value outside the courtroom. The Massachusetts native is the latest student to be featured in a series of summer employment profiles that showcase experiential learning opportunities for Elon Law students.

The following conversation has been lightly edited.

What inspired you to pursue a legal education and a career in law?
I knew law school would provide me with the professional skills I need to succeed and that having a JD would open a lot of doors both inside and out of the legal profession.

Tell me about the type of legal assignments you are completing this summer.
I’ve been reviewing contracts and conducting general research that helps my employer. That includes reviewing our current marketing techniques and comparing them to other sports organizations, specifically trying to bring in some my experience working for the Tampa Bay Rays for three summers in undergrad to provide a fresh take on certain goals and how to achieve them.

I am also looking at how the Cannons can leverage strong regional participation in youth, high school, and college lacrosse to help grow the Cannons and the MLL as a whole. 

How did your previous residency-in-practice with the Carruthers & Roth law firm in Greensboro prepare you for your approach to your internship?
Preparing legal documents and knowing how to present your research and other findings to a superior has really helped me convey my ideas and findings to Ian Frenette, president of the Cannons, whom I first met through mutual connections.

What are you learning about yourself as a result of working with the Boston Cannons that wouldn’t have been possible in a classroom setting?
There are different types of problem solving. Sports present unique challenges that may not come up in the legal setting, and actually having to tackle them with the available resources is invaluable.

Is this opportunity changing the way you view the legal profession or altering your future plans?
It definitely confirms that I want to find my way into sports, regardless of how long I have to practice as an attorney to get there.

Describe how the Office of Career & Student Development assisted you in securing summer employment.
Mrs. Jennifer Mencarini pushes me all the time to reach out for any opportunity in which I might be interested and helps me prepare cover letters and resumes specifically geared for the employer.

What would you like to share with other students about this internship and the skills you’ve developed because of it?
You will be shocked at how all the skills and things you have learned in law school will be directly applicable in a non-legal setting.


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