Inside Higher Ed highlights Elon's participation in new credential database

The Oct. 18, 2017 article by the higher education publication features insights from Rodney Parks, Elon University registrar. 

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed highlights Elon University’s participation in a new effort to create an expansive database of postsecondary credentials from skills certificates to doctoral degrees that can be accessed by students, employers and educational institutions. 

The Oct. 18 article titled “A Kayak For Credentials” by reporter Paul Fain focuses on Credential Engine, a project designed to create a more standardized and centralized vehicle for information about postsecondary credentials, such as professional licenses, apprencticeships, badges and higher educational degrees such as bachelor’s or doctoral degrees. The article notes that “the nonprofit Credential Engine, which is planning a formal launch in December, has tapped a broad range of advisers to develop a common language about credentials, with a focus on the ‘competencies’ people should have after earning them.”

Elon University is one of the higher education partners in Credential Engine, which so far has seen 160 organizations upload information about 1,264 credentials to the registry, according to the article. Elon has uploaded descriptions of all 97 of its offered degrees and other credentials as an early adopter, the article explains. 

“It’s a time-consuming process,” Elon University Registrar Rodney Parks told Fain for the article. “It takes time to understand the language.”

But the potential value of Credential Engine makes it worthwhile, Parks said. “This will be the one-stop shop for credentials,” Parks said. 

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