27th Annual North Carolina Dance Festival features Pardo

Assistant Professor Matt Pardo was selected as a 2017 artist for the North Carolina Dance Festival and will be performing his solo "I Insist" in Greensboro on Nov. 11 at the Van Dyke Performance Space.


The North Carolina Dance Festival, currently in its 27th year, has selected a small group of North Carolina-based choreographers for its current season including Assistant Professor of Dance Matt Pardo. 

The festival has presented its artists in different cities/venues across North Carolina over the past several weeks and will hold its final show of the season on Saturday, Nov. 11, at the Van Dyke Performance Space in Greensboro (thevandyke.org). Pardo also recently performed in the Asheville tour of the festival at the Be Be Theater in downtown Asheville.    

Pardo's work, "I Insist," is a self-choreographed solo that explores physical and mental limits. The work was originally choreographed in 2015 and has been presented at venues in New York City, Pittsburgh and Paris. The work utilizes a contemporary movement vocabulary that is manipulated via minimalist choreographic structures and methodologies.  

Pardo will also be teaching a modern-dance masterclass in Greensboro through the festival on Saturday, Nov. 11.  The class will focus on the utilization of minimalist choreographic structures in movement composition.  

For more information about the festival, visit danceproject.org.

For tickets to the Greensboro show, visit thevandyke.org.