Faculty members host fatherhood and child development community panel discussion

Associate Professor of Human Service Studies Judy Esposito and Assistant Professor of Psychology Sabrina Thurman hosted a panel discussion for their Winter Term courses on fatherhood and early childhood development. 


Judy Esposito, associate professor of human service studies, and Sabrina Thurman, assistant professor of psychology, hosted roundtable and panel discussions about the importance of fathering in children’s lives. The  Jan. 12 event was organized as part of their Winter Term courses on Fatherhood (Esposito) and Early Childhood Development (Thurman).  

Students in the two courses came together for the event and had opportunities to interact with panelists in roundtable discussions and a large group panel discussion. Conversations were focused on understanding the inner resources fathers use during parenting, important roles of fathers in children’s lives, and new experiences that come with fatherhood, among other topics. 

Panelists Bobby Carswell, Marcus Elliott, Raney Gagnon, Scott Morrison, Trey Rock and Jerome Wheeler discussed topics such as experiences of fathers in labor and delivery rooms, a community education program for new fathers of babies and toddlers, fatherhood and redefining masculinity, fathering children of different genders, and racial/ethnic differences in the experiences of fatherhood. Many fathers spoke from their own individual experiences about what it is like to be a stay-at-home dad, a father of both foster children and biological children, and fathers of toddlers, school-aged children, and teenagers.

The event was supported by a Winter Term Enhancement Grant from the College of Arts and Sciences.