Global Neighborhood Dinner features conversations with international students and faculty

Members of the International Living Learning community facilitated a discussion on the topic “When the World is Your Home” with international faculty, staff, and students at the GNA’s March dinner.

The Global Neighborhood Association continued its successful new discussion-based format at its dinner on March 6.

This month, the discussions were hosted by students from the International Living Learning Community. Located in Global D, this living learning community consists of students from international backgrounds as well as students interested global issues. The students invited faculty and staff from international backgrounds as guests. The food was also international, featuring Korean cuisine.

Discussion prompts, written by the International Living Learning Community students, included such interesting questions as: How do you define “home?” Why do you travel how you do? How do you define “international student”? How can we learn to engage with people different than us?

The tables were free to follow the prompts or to pursue the conversation down whatever paths it took. Everyone enjoyed sharing stories and perspectives.

The format of the discussion groups is based on “The People’s Supper” model. These small dinners, hosted all over the country, bring together people from different political and ideological backgrounds to have meaningful conversations over food.

The next Global Neighborhood Association dinner will be held Wednesday, April 4 from 5:45-7 p.m.